Foam Change Out Service

The leading industry experts confirm that fluorine-free foam concentrate is here to stay. As more municipalities, military, aircraft hangar owners and industrial users opt to change their foam concentrate to fluorine-free compounds, Fire Lion can help. We have a mobile team of service technicians that have performed foam concentrate change over, flush and disposal needs for several commercial and military installations in 2018. Fire Lion personnel have the expertise, whether it is a foam pump system or bladder tank foam system, to efficiently and economically remove the C8 or C6 fluorine-based foam concentrates, contain the old liquid, flush the system and dispose of it, then refill the foam concentrate system the customer provided foam concentrate of choice

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BP Foam Skid FAT Testing

Servicing Fire Fighting Foam Pumps and Equipment

We have over 30 years experience servicing foam concentrate pumps and systems. If your pump leaks, lacks performance or has fire damage, give us a call and we will assess the situation and provide our expert opinion on repairing the pump.

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Check out our repair video for helpful advice on pump repair or inspection teardown and reassembly.

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Fire Lion Pump Mount Example

Fire Fighting Foam Pump and Equipment Rentals

We carry a large stock of rental foam pumps and equipment for short-term requirements.

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