Fire Lion's Director

Aaron Johnson has been in the special hazards fire protection industry since 2007
Aaron Johnson, Director

Aaron has been in the special hazards fire protection industry since 2007.  He started at Johnson Controls (Ansul) and worked as a firefighter for foam agents in R&D.  He also tested and used foam hardware during that time.  Later, he moved into technical services, foam system design and maintenance training for about 10 years.  Then, transitioned to Sales Engineering, performing design, application and inside sales for customers with the outside sales team.

In early 2021, Fire Lion Global hired him as the business development and sales manager globally.   With Tom Reser’s retirement in Aug of 2022, Aaron has been promoted to Director of Fire Lion.

He is also an active member of the Oconto Fire Department and has been a certified Wisconsin FF since 2006.

Fire Lion's Beginnings

Located in Vancouver, Washington USA, Fire Lion has become the premier global foam pump manufacturer.

Looking for a rewarding career that offered independence and daily challenges, the idea of Fire Lion started in 1988 with discussions during meals at Tom Resers’, Fire Lion Global’s Founder, kitchen table.  Thirty years later, Tom got what he wanted and so much more. His small start-up evolved into the leading foam pump manufacturer that protects buildings and equipment from severe fire damage for major companies worldwide.

Tom Reser, purchased Edwards Manufacturing, the manufacturer of the “Edwards Foam Pump” in 1988. Tom grew sales for Edwards up to the point of selling to Pentair in 2004. His next project began in 2009 working with Chemguard, a leader in fire suppression systems and chemicals, to get their foam pumps UL listed and approved – a big and complex undertaking.

During those years, Tom envisioned a series of foam pumps that were designed specifically for foam concentrate and that were easily repaired in the field. In 2009, he launched his new venture with the help of engineering students from nearby Washington State University. Together, they created the ideal foam pump design – simple, easily repaired, and robust – a design that allows them to offer the most extended foam pump warranty on the market.

Fire Lion Global later achieved UL listing, FM approval, and ISO certification for the unique foam pump design.

Hard work has paid off, and the business is rapidly growing. Tom has added employees, purchased new equipment, and is currently planning for a larger facility.

Our Brand

Fire Lion Global – the very name implies strength and a fierce commitment to nothing but the best!

The Lion is the king of the jungle, and Fire Lion Global is the worldwide king of foam pump manufacturing. Flammable liquids and special hazards are a global concern. Fire Lion provides the best foam pumps and foam pump systems and prides itself on exceeding customer demands from every corner and part of the world.

No job is too big or too small for Fire Lion – the company serves to protect – just like the king of the jungle.

We are grateful for our customers – thank you!

The Lumipol Group

In September 2021, Fire Lion Global became part of the Lumipol Group. The Lumipol Group is the parent organization of a number of leading, internationally operating technology companies. Our common denominator: Powering the world.

These companies are active in the field of power systems, or powertrains. Lumipol does this in various niche markets: diesel engines, pumps, generators, and associated control electronics. From application advice to building a complete powertrain system together: as a technology partner we continue to surprise our customers in positive ways with total solution packages.

The Lumipol Group is comprised of three fire prevention companies: WB Firepacks (located in The Netherlands), HSA Firepacks (located in Germany), and Fire Lion Global (located in the USA). WB Firepacks and HSA Firepacks are total suppliers of fire prevention systems. WB Firepacks supplies Firepacks to sprinkler fitters and end-users across Europe. The focus of HSA Firepacks is on German-speaking countries. In addition, Fire Lion is an expert in the field of positive displacement foam pumps. They manufacture and distribute foam pumps from Vancouver (USA) to customers all over the globe. Fire Lion acts as a strategic partner in all foam-related projects of WB Firepacks and HSA Firepacks.

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