deluge-style foam pump system

Deluge-style, automatic compressed air foam system

In 2022, with the advancements in technology and the growing use of electronics, the semiconductor industry will be one of the largest, fastest-growing, and most important industries in the United States. Fire protection in manufacturing and suppliers’ locations is critical to ensuring the end users of these semiconductors have a consistent and reliable resource.

Fire Lion Global was recently asked to assist in commissioning a deluge-style, automatic compressed air foam system at a major semiconductor manufacturing supplier in the Northeast United States. The end user at this location has three different storage locations of hazards and extremely flammable liquids they use in their processes. One protected room is a process pumping room that distributes these chemicals around the manufacturing facility.

The compressed air foam type system was already specified and designed when the customer approached Fire Lion Global. The selected FP1-15 foam pump better met the system’s most demanding flow rate and pressure requirements. The FP1-15 foam pump package is a full-service, across-the-line foam pump controller that is fully UL-listed and FM Approved.

The unique proportioner is the key to this deluge foam system design. It was selected to test the foam system by recirculating the foam concentrate back to the tank without discharging the solution. The unit functions on a 24V / 200W power supply and uses magnetic flow meters, allowing zero pressure loss in the water line and the most accurate way to measure foam concentrate flow rates. It is foam agent type (i.e., AFFF, AR-AFFF, High Ex, SFFF, etc.) and viscosity independent, allowing easy transitions in the foam industry. Proportioning percentage changes are a simple programming adjustment in the settings of the unit, and it is constructed with 316SS welded pipe and utilizes flanges for easy field connections. The FP1-15 is FM-approved and offers a significant cost saving for the end user due to the escalating foam agent/foam solution disposal costs over time.

Fire Lion Global is constantly advancing with new technology and improvements. With our sales, technical service, and field service teams, we are ready to design, supply and commission foam pump systems around the globe for our customers. We can provide the complete foam pump package from start to finish.

Nothing is better than knowing you are getting the highest-quality equipment for your project and the support post-delivery to ensure it functions as designed.