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Expanding Horizons: Firepacks Group Strengthens Fire Lion Global

Since September 2021, Fire Lion Global has been part of the Firepacks Group, a dynamic and international group of companies specializing in fire prevention and foam solution applications.
The Firepacks Group consists of four leading companies in the field of fire prevention and foam solutions: WB Firepacks (located in the Netherlands), HSA Firepacks (located in Germany), Firepacks France (located in France), and Fire Lion Global (located in the United States).

WB Firepacks, HSA Firepacks, and Firepacks France serve as comprehensive suppliers, installers, and maintenance partners of water and foam-based fire prevention systems. WB Firepacks supplies to sprinkler installers and end-users across Europe, while HSA Firepacks focuses on German-speaking countries and Firepacks France targets the French market. Additionally, Fire Lion Global excels as THE expert in positive displacement foam pumps, producing and distributing their products and services from Vancouver (USA) to customers worldwide.
The integration of the Firepacks Group into Fire Lion Global has led to strengthened collaboration between the companies, particularly in the field of foam fire suppression systems. By combining the expertise of Fire Lion Global with the already established knowledge about foam sets and foam proportioner systems from the other members of the group, Fire Lion Global can now offer an even wider range of solutions to customers worldwide.

One of the key benefits of this collaboration is the ability to provide customers with a complete solution for their fire prevention needs. Fire Lion Global is, of course, the undisputed king of foam pumps. The other companies within the Firepacks Group offer various engine solutions to keep the foam pumps running. But perhaps even more important in this time of foam transition are the solutions for (electronic) foam concentrate proportioning (EFP). This aspect enables Fire Lion Global to further contribute to a solution tailored to the specific requirements and circumstances of each customer.

Furthermore, the collaboration within the Firepacks Group has resulted in synergy benefits in product development and innovation. By sharing knowledge and resources, the various companies within the group can benefit from each other’s experience and expertise, resulting in faster development times and improved products for customers (such as the EFP pump skid).
Overall, the growing involvement of the Firepacks Group in the daily operations of Fire Lion Global has led to a strengthened position within the fire prevention industry. With a broader range of products and an increased focus on collaboration and innovation, Fire Lion Global is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for effective fire prevention solutions worldwide.

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