FAQ 1: Can a Fire Lion foam pump be used for pumping any foam concentrate - regardless of brand and/or viscosity?

Yes. Materials of construction are compatible with all fire fighting foam concentrates. For viscous concentrates, it is essential to have a minimum of 5 pipe diameters of straight pipe into the pump suction. Suction hose or pipe diameter must be 1 pipe size larger than pump inlet port size. Also, it is critical for all installations to ensure that all connections are leak free to avoid air leakage into the low-pressure inlet side.

FAQ 2: Can the foam pump operate in either direction?

Yes, the Fire Lion foam pump is designed for bi-directional operation, by removing the shaft end plate and flipping it to the opposite position. Realignment of the input shaft may be necessary as well.

FAQ 3: When using a diesel engine drive for the pump, what is normal rotation?

Normal rotation is viewed as looking at the front of the engine towards the flywheel – the engine will always rotate clockwise. If the drive shaft is in upper position the suction port is on the left side, and the discharge port is on the right side. The pump can be run in reverse after removing the shaft end cover and flipping it so that the drive shaft is in a lower position. In addition, the pump will likely require a spacer and shims to align the drive shaft with the motor shaft.

FAQ 4: What drivers are available for these pumps?

Available drivers are power take-off, hydraulic motor, gasoline engine, diesel engine, electric motor and water turbine.

FAQ 5: Why does NFPA 20 standard require a pump be capable of dry running for 10 minutes?

Foam concentrate tanks are limited in size which increases the likelihood of running dry when the take is emptied. When that happens, many positive displacements pumps will be damaged, but an NFPA 20 pump is designed to accommodate that issue. This feature gives time to shut down the system and once the tank is refilled, it will be ready to continue on.

FAQ 6: Can the foam pump be tested using water and will it pump water without issue?

Yes, pumping clean water is fine. There are no operation time limits when pumping water. There are no restrictions on water discharge pressure up to the maximum discharge pressure the pump and/or pump driver ratings.

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