New Product - Model 740 Pressure Relief/Safety Valve

New UL Tested and Approved Pressure Relief Valve

Fire Lion Global has proudly been at the forefront of technology and customer service. We continue that tradition today by announcing an addition to the Fire Lion Global offering – the Model 740 Pressure Relief Valve for use with our positive displacement pumps.

To help secure our supply chain necessary to maintain the service and quality that we historically are known for, the new pressure relief valve (PRV) is in addition to our already supplied and FM-approved model 511 pressure relief valve.

When ordering UL-listed pumps only, the new Model 740 PRV will be supplied as part of the assembly, and our commitment to UL, as witness tested/approved, and it meets UL 448C requirements. When ordering pumps that require FM approval or UL and FM approval, the original pressure relief valve, Model 511, will be provided as part of the assembly.

The new valve offering helps Fire Lion supply pumps with the expected market lead times, guarantee the quality of the fabricated equipment, and ensure our dedication to providing life-safety equipment.

Download the Model 740 Pressure Relief Valve datasheet to learn more about the valve. For additional questions, please reach out to your Fire Lion Global contact.

Graciously and respectfully,
Fire Lion Global Support Team