Portable Foam Fill Pump for All Foam Agents

New Portable Foam Filling Pump for All Types of Foam Agents

Fire Lion Global is always looking to improve our current products and supply new products to the industry when needed. In today’s ever-changing world of firefighting foams and SFFF conversions and usage, Fire Lion has been informed that foam filling pumps have become a concern in the service industry with the new foam agents out on the market today. Because of this concern, and Fire Lion hears you loud and clear, we have an announcement to make.

Fire Lion proudly presents our newest offering for portable foam filling pumps!! These are positive displacement gear pumps with integrated relief valves. They have been tested at our facility to ensure the SFFF agents on the market today can be utilized with these pumps. You may have a rubber impeller pump or an air diaphragm pump – both of these styles of pumps work well with foam agents that flow and act like water, i.e., AFFF-type foams – download the brochure to learn more.

Because of the transition away from AFFF foams in the market, the need for a pump that can pump ALL TYPES of foam agents is critical to have in your toolbox. You never know what you’ll be getting into on the next project.

Contact Fire Lion Global today to discuss the solutions for your projects – info@firelionglobal.com or 1-360-574-9068.

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