Pump Model FP1-30

Fire Lion Fire Foam Pump FP-1

UL Logo Approved                FM Logo Approved Fire Lion Global ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Note: FM Approved applies only to pumps used in stationary applications

Pump Specifications

  • Flow rate: 91-208 l/min (24-55 gpm)
  • Rotor: Spur gear
  • Maximum differential pressure: 21 bar
  • Drivers: PTO, hydraulic, engine, electric or water turbine
  • Ports: Threaded, groove
  • UL and FM applies to all except the hydraulic system

Fire Lion Global model FP1-30 are available in packaged systems designed for common applications or customized to include a variety of specified drivers, controls, gauges, valves, piping, etc. for plug and play installations. Our engineers are exceptionally knowledgeable of foam applications and are eager to help you solve your foam pumping issues.

Pump Curve



Product Documentation

Product Document

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UL/FM Curve pdf
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Bracket Assembly for FP1-30 pdf
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